Comic Book Fiend Club History

The Comic Book Fiend Club (CBFC), founded in 2015, is an International community of comic book enthusiasts.

Originally created by Aaron Rizo, Steve Cline, Jessie Ramon and Rene Garcia, The Comic Book Fiend Club has grown from four to more than eighty members with six chapers spanning the United States, Canada and abroad. 

The Comic Book Fiend Club is a family within the geek and comic-con community, shining a light on the history, art and stories of comic culture. Our members connect through social media and local comic conventions. 

Members of the CBFC help run two year-round charity campaigns, ‘Comics for our Military’ and ‘Comics for our Future’ by donating comics and funding. They have also released two comic book variants (with more to come) through Counterpoint Comics; these variants have sold worldwide.