Comic Book Fiend Club Patches

Comic Book Fiend Club Patches


During the enrollment process, prospects will be required to fill out an application form. At the same time prospects will be expected to be interacting with the club page, it’s members and building relationships.

Remember, this is a social club, we want to hear from you! Look at the enrollment process as a continuous process yearlong.

Now get out there and hit up some fiends, get to know them so they get to know you!

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you can join our family soon!

CBFC New Member Requirements:

• Upon induction, member must purchase their CBFC patches totalling $85 USD to be ordered upon payment. Patches include (4) back patched, (1) member patch and (1) chapter patch.

• Member must be willing to financially support (on occasion) new merchandise and charitable donations on behalf of the CBFC

• Member must attempt to attend  a comic book convention (or a convention in its likeness) at least annually.

• Member must be in good standing with existing members of the CBFC and the general comic book community (Drama Free)

• Member must be willing to support and promote the CBFC in a positive manner at all times.

• Member must be an avid comic collector and/or reader with a minimum of (1) new release per month, preferred.

• Member must be willing to assist existing members with obtaining desired comic books.

• Politics are prohibited in the club.

• Member must purchase rocker/vest for club patches.

• Member must follow all fellow members.

• Members must place patches in specific areas on rocker/vest.


• Can't be involved in another comic social club.

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