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7 helpful tips for enrolling to the Comic Book Fiend Club

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1. Tag us in your posts!

We want to see what’s in your collection. We want to know what you’re collecting, reading, enjoying, who your favourite characters, creators, series, publishers, collectibles, interests are. By tagging us, we can see what you’re about and get to see what you’re passionate about and what you like to share.  

2. Comment on posts!

Get noticed by commenting. Let others know that you have the same book, or you’re reading the same series or let us know how gross John Romita Jr or Rob Liefeld’s art is.

3. Memes & creative posts!

Get your favourite memes going about yourself, the club and members, but be careful… there are some memegicians here that will outshine you. Get creative with some posts about why you wanna join – videos, creative collages, art etc. Go wild!

4. Meetups!

We get together as often as we can at cons, local shows, LCS and any other time we can. If you can meet up with your local fiends and get to know them, do it! It’s one thing to be posting and commenting online, but meeting up in person is so valuable. Spend sometime with whoever you can. 

5. Promote the Club!

These patches are earned and when you rep the club you rep everyone in the club. Don’t be afraid to repost some club posts, get involved with some charity initiatives, drunkcasts/fiendcasts etc. The club does it’s best to have a positive impact on the comic community so do your best to help out. 

6. IG Bio & Hashtags!

Every member has some kind of mention or reference to the club in the IG page bio. It’s a great way to let the world know you’re a member right from the top of your page. If you’re a hopeful, you can add in some kind of mention that you’re a hopeful. That way any member or non member can know at a quick glance from your page. We keep an eye on those kinds of things and the Fiend Club hashtags too. So if you’re hashtagging the hopefuls too, you’ll be more likely noticed. #CBFCHOPEFUL

7. Talk to us!

Don’t be shy! This is easily the most important thing to do…we’re a social club and we chat every single day. If we haven’t had a message from you about yourself and us, it’s gonna be a tough time getting into the club. Be social, say hello to all your chapter members, but don’t forget the members outside your chapter. They’re all great people. If you haven’t already reached out and introduced yourself, you’re already behind schedule. If you don’t get into the club first try, don’t ghost and reapply next year. That’s about the worst thing you can do as a hopeful. Stay active with the club and it’s members and earn your patches for the next time.

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