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This week we welcome Adem Aras to the CBFC Artist Spotlight!

Q. Where are you from?

A. I am from Berlin the capital city of Germany 

Q. How long have you been drawing?

A. I drew my whole life. I started since i was a child.

Q. What materials do prefer to do your art with?

A. I love to draw with ink and touchmarkers, but also just a sharp pencil is always good!

Q. Character you love to draw?

A. My favorites are pokemon, mystic creatures like the yeti and bigfoot. The Blue blur Sonic. Godzilla and other kaijus.

Q. What Character would you want to draw that you haven’t drawn yet?

A. Ohh they are so many.. hmm i absolutely want to draw the new pokemon from pokemon sword/shield, i also want to draw more people to get better in human anatomy and i think characters from some anime series.

Q. What artist inspires you the most and why?

A. When i was younger Ken Sugimori and the artstyle from some movies by “The Ghibli studio” like princess mononoke or spirited away. Now here on instagram are some like: Digitalrobert, Joverine , Colorreaper, Tfiddlerart, DaltonDoodles, Koteri.Ink ,macintyrerath, sai_rodrigues, Chris Bachalo, Jsmarantz, ericcanete, hiziripro and logan_preshaw. I love all these artist because they’re help me, to find my own artstyle, a good mix between realistic and comicstyle.

Q. What was your first published work?

A. None yet.

Q. Which artist would you love to do a collaboration piece with?

A. It would be a huge dream to design a pokemon with the concept draftsman of game freak. 

Big thanks to Adem for taking the time to answer a few of our questions! Be sure to give him a follow!

Don’t forget to check back next week for our next Artist Spotlight! If you’re an artist and are looking to be featured on our page please hit me up here. I’d love to hear from you.


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