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This week we welcome Alti Firmansyah to the CBFC Artist Spotlight!

Q. Where are you from?

A. I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Q. How long you’ve been drawing?

A. I think since I was in Kindergarten.

Q. What materials do prefer to do your art with?

A. For traditional art I prefer pencils-copic marker-multiliner set. For digital art I’m using Procreate on iPadPro right now.

Q. Character you love to draw

A. Girls! Girls! Girls! Haha

Q. Character that you want to draw that you havn’t drawn yet?

A. The Guardian of the Galaxy team.

Q. What artist inspires you the most and why?

A. J. Scott Campbell, Frank Cho, Joe Madureira & Humberto Ramos. I read some of their books and their art really inspires me to do what I do right now. How to draw women, animals, dynamic poses, & panelling, you can found them all in each of their works.

Q. What was your first published work?

A. That would be Tomorrowland comic by Titan publisher.

(Tomorrowland #3)

Q. Which artist would you love to do a collaboration piece with? 

A. I always wanted my line art to be colored by Nei Ruffino. 

Big thanks Alti Firmansyah taking the time to answer a few of our questions! Be sure to give her a follow!

Don’t forget to check back next week for our next Artist Spotlight! If you’re an artist and are looking to be featured on our page please hit me up here. I’d love to hear from you.


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