Baltimore Comic Con Review

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Yes, there’s big cons like San Diego Comic Con, C2E2, and New York Comic Con, that even non-comic fans go to. Then there Baltimore Comic Con; a Con for REAL Comic fans! Fans that actually read comics and not just go to see the movies haha.

Starting off with the price of the tickets, 3 days pass general admission $75. Not bad compared to some other cons that a one day ticket will be $50.

The con was very well organized. It was packed yes but had space between aisles so you knew where you was going. There was also a lot of signage that you knew the numbers of the booths. The workers handed you a program as soon as you walked in and if you needed more help there was “Help” desks all though out the convenience.

The guest list is amazing as always. From new artist like Jim Cheung to classic artist like Klaus Janson. Didn’t have a lot of big popular artist. But I would take some artist that I don’t see very often then artist that are at a lot of cons.

Even the lines for the celebrity’s moved swift. My wife was in the line for John Leguizamo and the line was very well handled. The workers let you enjoy your time talking to him without you feeling rushed.

All and all Baltimore Comic Con was great from start to finish. And I was able to leave around the con #publiccomics packs! Each pack had comics, stickers, and tons of other merch! Three of them had graded books in them!

Let us know how you felt about the con! Good, Bad, tell us! We want to hear it. 

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