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Where is your podcast based?

A. Our podcast is based out of Northeast Philadelphia. Parkwood Manor to be exact.

When did the podcast start?

A. The show began on the last day in July of 2016, so we’re almost four years old. Crazy right!

Who has been your favorite guest?

A. We’ve interviewed 62 different guests, which is insane enough on its own to think about. The one that sticks out to me the most are always our in-person interviews as opposed to over the phone. Nothing beats sitting down with someone you look up to & having a conversation about music, gaming, comics, whatever. I think nothing will top our first ever interview back in 2017. We met one of our favorite musicians, Sergio Anello of the Early November & now a solo project, at a coffee shop in south Jersey. We talked on the air for two hours, but it was the 90 minutes off the air that was even cooler. An experience we’ll always remember.

What guest would you love to have on the show?

A. I think that’s where we differ. So we gotta split it; 
Sam – Gotta go Robby Krieger of the Doors. He just did a podcast, can’t wait to listen to it. 
Greg – Max Bemis, lead singer of Say Anything, among other products. Say Anything recently broke up, but I think Bemis is the most gifted lyricist of the pop punk/emo era

What other podcasts do you love listening to?

A. We run the gamut there. Stand up comedians that have podcasts are always a blast to listen to. Bill Burr’s show is always great. Gaming podcasts like Game Scoop. A whole bunch of sports pods & anything hosted or produced by Colin Moriarty. He’s one of the most gifted content creators over the last decade.

For those that dont know who you are, why should they listen to you?

A. You should listen to us because we don’t do the show for clicks or revenue or as a full-time job. We do it as a passion project & because our listeners have supported us since day one. Every time we hit the record button, our dreams come true. We’ve interviewed childhood idols. That’s insane to us. And we cover everything in the nerdy world from comics to gaming to tv/streaming without bias towards one medium. 

Be sure to check out Sam and Greg as they chat about all things pop culture. You can find their podcast here: We Podcast & We Know Things

Do you have a podcast and would like to be featured? Don’t be shy, hit me up here. I’d love to hear from you!


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