Uncle Mac Comic Reviews – Maniac of New York #2, Bequest #1, Deep Beyond #2, and Karmen #1.

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Hey there friends, it’s your old pal Uncle Mac here with a new feature for the CBFC homepage.
Each week exciting new indies hit the shelves, and until books from the big two, these smaller titles can often go overlooked.
Each week I’ll be here to give you the hot scoop on great titles coming out from smaller publishers. Grab some of these titles and let me know what you think!
First up from Aftershock comics, we have Maniac of New York #2 and Bequest!
Maniac of New York is what Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan should have been. Imagine is a killer like Jason was real, and terrorizing New York. Relentless, unstoppable, and unkillable, Maniac Harry has been murdering his way through New York for years, and the people of NY have just learned to live with it. Then a new Detective, with a secret connection to Harry, comes to town with a dream to stop him. The problem is Harry is currently slaughtering his way through the city’s first automated subway train, and it may be too late to save anyone.
If you’re not reading this series you are missing out. It is bloody, violent, and terrifying. It perfectly captures the feel of 80’s horror movies, while also giving them a welcome, modern twist. Issue one sold out fast so you might have to hunt around to find a copy, but issue 2 comes out this week and so now is a great time to jump onboard!
Speaking about jumping on board, this week we have another new title from Aftershock called Bequest. This book reunites Tim Seeley and Frederick Williams II on a title about a DnD style crossover with out world.
Imagine if magic began to invade our world, and was in the hands of the worst humans ever? Imagine if weapons from our world found their way into a magical realm ill equipped to deal with them. Now imaging a group of outlaws and losers who are tasked with stopping them! The first issue is a fun ride, and one that I definitely recommend jumping on. If you haven’t asked your local shop to pull a copy for you, let them know ASAP. I don’t think you’ll regret it.
Meanwhile over at Image comics we have the second issue of Deep Beyond, a new title from Mirka Andolfo, with all the tentacle and body horror we’ve come to know and love from her. If you enjoyed her book Mercy this one is a must read. The series is set in a world where horrible pollution and an environment gone mad have made it almost impossible for humans to survive anywhere but in very closely regulated city pods. It’s a tense action thriller of a book, and have the beautiful Andolfo aesthetic we all love!
Finally, another new title to check out this week, Karmen #1 from Birds of Prey artist extraordinaire Guillem March. This title was originally released in Europe as a single graphic novel, but Image comics is publishing it as a mini-series. The story deals with a young woman who has committed suicide, and is taken on a journey by a mysterious angel named Karmen. It’s a beautiful and haunting tale, but be forewarned: this book does deal with suicide, and has a lot of nudity, so this one isn’t for the younger readers!
So there you go, 4 hot indies to check out this week! Let me know what you think on my insta page!

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